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15 January 2012 @ 04:23 am
From Afar  
Pairing: GTOP
Rating: PG
Summary: Seunghyun observes from afar.
Disclaimer: No they do not belong to me ;__;

There he was. Bopping his head to the music Seunghyun couldn't hear and tapping his fingers on the cold steel of the holding rail. Seunghyun watched his blonde hair fall lightly in perfect layers with every movement and his eyelids twitch as his pupils danced, veiled, behind them. He was mouthing words and Seunghyun squinted his eyes to catch the meaning, but his view was suddenly obscured.

Seunghyun was snapped out of his paralysis for a moment as a fairly large man in a generic black suit crossed in front of him. Regaining his composure Seunghyun took a deep breath of the crowded subway air and sat back in the uncomfortable, crackling chair. The girl in a school uniform beside him grunted in annoyance to his wide movements, but he didn't mind her any attention. He was back in his line of sight.

The boy was wearing an unzipped red leather jacket with a plain white t-shirt and black skinny jeans. His backpack was slung carelessly over his shoulder and his high tops were perfectly scuffed. To an untrained eye the boy looked like an average art student, but Seunghyun knew better. Years of working in that high end boutique taught him better. This boy must have been a world class thief, or was made of money. Which it was, Seunghyun hadn't yet determined.

Some days he imagined being an accomplice to the crazy burglaries. The two of them would break into a mall fearlessly and take all those outfits he eyed during his long shifts. Or bust into a bank, take money, and go wherever they wanted. They would both be free from the suffocating rules of society and cut loose from expectations of their families.

Other days he imagined himself working as a tutor, much like he was studying to become in his real life. He would go to the mansion he assumed he lived in and teach him all there was to know about physics and calculus. Being the rich boy he was, the blonde would be bratty and snobby at first but then they would both warm up to each other. Seunghyun could vent about his asshole boss and him about his parents, or his impending deadlines. 

Suddenly the boy looked up from the iPhone he held in his hand and they made direct eye contact. His eyes were a mischievous bright brown and he could swear they sparkled when their eyes met. Seunghyun felt the blush creep up his neck, convinced for a second the blonde had heard his thoughts. Before he could manage a stiff smile of his own, the boy was already off the train and jogging towards the exit.

Confused, Seunghyun looked around himself and realized he'd missed his stop. Five stops ago. Sighing to himself, he whipped out his phone and did swift mental calculations. Seunghyun would definitely be late for work. It was always the same on Tuesdays.

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