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21 May 2011 @ 07:36 pm
Latenight Thoughts  


 Its 5AM and Jiyong was still up. 

He was sitting up in his bed, bathed in the early morning light casting a dark blue hue over everything. In that moment where the stillness in the air was so deafeningly quiet compared to the thoughts raging in Jiyong's head. His head dropped to his hands and he caught sight again of his messy room. Usually he'd always made sure to keep everything tidy, no matter how he was feeling, but Jiyong couldn't make the effort now.

Jiyong saw the picture before he could avert his gaze. Illuminated in the dark room was the picture of a happier him. There he was with Seunghyun, arms around each other's shoulders, laughing.
Jiyong remembered the moment it was taken too. They were out on their first official date, and Jiyong couldn't remember a time when he was happier. Seunghyun had just told him he loved him when their manager snapped the picture of them "You guys look like such good brothers" he's said, smiling at them from the van. They both had faces glowing with love and elation.
Jiyong grabbed a pillow from behind him and knocked the picture from the stand. He tossed himself backwards to lay down as the tears slid down his face and seeped into his ears and bed. He had no right to cry over a mess he'd created, if only he could change himself. If only they'd had more time.

Jiyong felt his heart breaking with every breathe he took, shattering into pieces to small to put back together.
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Current Music: Never Meant To Belong- Bleach OST